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February 16, 2010


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Before the earthquake, I felt NGOs were already attracting a large number of competent workers that are badly needed in the public sector. I'm also all for more training for civil servants, but with more skills, it is also likely that they eventually get recruited by the NGO sector. There may be also some other adverse effects. I know some people who could have been good entrepreneurs, but with the flow of NGO money they choose to specialize in writing projects proposals in order to obtain grants. Not to say NGOs are bad...but it's good to keep these effects in mind.

Haiti was an event that really strike the world but people should not forget what they have to do back home. NGO's have contributed alot financially and interms of labour, let Haitians participate like wise. All should not be point to NGO what is UN doing so far as training staffs are concern.this an opportunity for Haitins to benefit from training and become professionals.

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